Tailored Advisory Programs

Tailored Advisory Programs

Having many investment assets requires a more custom tailored service program. This tailored service is available for the benefit our clients from our personal management advisory programs available through the following:

Advisory Annuities

A program that combines tax deferred annuity benefits with expert guidance of a financial advisor.

Advisory Portfolios

An advisory mutual fund solution. It uses a select number of mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds to build a comprehensive and diverse portfolio. This one stop solution guarantees you access to world class fund management, systematic portfolio rebalancing and personalised asset allocation.

Separately Managed Accounts

This is an investment advisory program providing investors with ready access to third party asset management and to specialised portfolio managers in order to create a customised investment portfolio for a number of individual securities.

Here at CNG, our task is to lead you through these comprehensive tailored advisory programs which will ultimately help build a wealthy management strategy for your needs.

This includes the following:

  • Identify Goals. The advisor will guide you through the right program that will help you determine your potential income needs, your investing attitude and risk tolerance.

  • Create a Personalised Investment Policy Statement. Our advisors will determine the right wealth management strategy based on the information available from your profile. The strategy is created via an investment policy statement that can help to follow the investment plan, ensuring that decisions are emotion free.

  • Select Investments. The investment options will vary greatly based on a program that suits your needs. What our financial advisors recommend have already been comprehensively researched and evaluated using proprietary analysis and evaluation. We, at CNG, have all what it takes to build your reputed and stable financial empire.