Our Strategy

At CNG Advisors we use tried and tested investment strategies which are based on our experience and knowledge of the industry.

Great investment decisions made possible with creativity and experience.

Our ultimate goal at CNG is to ensure that creativity and experience are not diluted or deteriorated. This is reason why our investment teams operate independently; as this provides them with the freedom needed to manage the risks as well as defining opportunities which would otherwise go unnoticed. By giving greater autonomy, we give each team from our company the freedom to use their own personal investment process which in turn boosts its creative outlook leading to the creation of wealth and value.

Time is an asset in the investment industry.

Operational complexities coupled with external and international communicational demands of a well-regulated international investment can distract various investors. Investing at the right time is a great benefit. Therefore, understanding the ways to manage time provides a fully focused process for investors.

We also provide the much needed departmental section of marketing teams working with investors as well as professional service clients to tackle various legal, operational and much crucial client service aspects of the business.
The overall output of a well-organized team provides the maximum time frame for the general team in investment making decision.

Aligning and establishing long term business relationships

Building a lasting relationship with businesses is a key cornerstone to a great investment plan. Well organized policies are an added advantage. We, at CNG, aim to align our investor’s interest with clients through an equity ownership composition. Through this transparent model, our investment teams work on acquiring long term results that comply with our clients’ investment goals; thus creating long lasting stability based on  performance.