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Our Values

CNG Advisors (CNG Capital Holdings Limited) believe in the core value of entrepreneurialism, excellence and teamwork. Every sector of our business works together as a team, with the principle of providing a satisfactory service to our clients…

Our Strategy

At CNG Advisors we use tried and tested investment strategies which are based on our experience and knowledge of the industry.
Great investment decisions made possible with creativity and experience…

Our Culture

CNG Advisors is an established independent advisory company, recognised as one of Hong Kong’s leading brokerage firms. With over 200 experienced employees working to ensure you get the best service in the market….


At CNG, we combine both financial and investment advice. We begin by developing a detailed plan that will maintain and boost our client’s wealth based on their financial situation, status, goals, risk appetite and comfort level. Having assessed the above details, our team members meet regularly with clients to get updates on goals, review them and if needed, rebalance the financial portfolio…

CNG’s approach to portfolio management commences by determining the general strengths, weaknesses as well as arising opportunities and threats of an investment in the choice of debt vs equity, growth vs safety, and many more other trade-offs so as to maximise returns factoring in your appetite for risk. After initially developing an investor profile with you…

The foreign exchange is the world’s largest, most liquid market with average traded worth over 5.3 trillion dollars per day. It includes all of the currencies in the world. Thousands of investors use these platforms for trading currencies. The phenomenon of forex trading is that currencies rise and fall depending on many factors ranging from economic…

At CNG Advisors, we provide our clients with access to the global equities markets with execution tools and unparalleled expert advice. Whether you’re an experienced professional investor or a novice investor finding your feet in the market, CNG connects clients to the world of international trading. Trading equities requires full understanding of market research and trends…

At CNG Advisors our professionals will guide you hand in hand to the commodities’ market with insights, trending news and market forecasts. Our commodities cover a wide range of markets from agriculture to energy among others. With our extensive market exposure, we provide you with all that it takes to have a profitable investment in the market…


Financial Planning

Making sensible and shrewd decisions about investments will help you achieve your objectives and goals. At CNG, we introduce you to a prospective financial management service that aims to define your own personal…

Structured Investment Programs

At CNG, we offer innovative solutions to meet different investment needs. They include a wide range of solutions from planning to conceiving strategic investment programs that meet our client’s needs. Finding a correct structured…

Retirement Planning

Realising a comfortable retirement plan is an incredibly extensive process that takes structured planning and years of persistence. Even once these plans are reached, managing your retirement plan is an ongoing…

Tailored Advisory Programs

Having many investment assets requires a more custom tailored service program. This tailored service is available for the benefit our clients from our personal management advisory programs available through the following…

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